Post: How to Avoid the Scammers and Pick the Best Packers and Movers in Baguiati

How to Avoid the Scammers and Pick the Best Packers and Movers in Baguiati


Packing and moving scams are rare. But they happen. Thankfully, there are easy ways for customers to differentiate the scammers from the real deals. In this article, we’ll teach you exactly how to do that and pick the best packers and movers in Baguiati!

Are They Asking for Large Down Payments?

Most packers and movers don’t ask their customers for down payments. Those who do don’t ask for exorbitant amounts. Even cheap packers and movers in Baguiati ask for down payments of 25% or less of the final price. The rest, you pay after delivery. 

So, if the company you’re speaking with asks for a significantly higher down payment (more than 25%), they are probably trying to scam you. Avoid them. They may disappear with the down payment and not arrive on the final moving day.

Are They Asking for Cash-Only Payments?

The best packers and movers in Baguiati typically offer their customers multiple modes of payment. So, if your moving company asks you to pay with cash only, re-assess their legitimacy. 

Are Their Fees Suspiciously Low?

What’s more suspicious than a moving company asking for a high down payment? It is a moving company that offers extremely low rates. If your moving company charges well below the market rate, pause and think.

Will that payment cover the gas and labor fees? Probably not! So, avoid companies that charge suspiciously low fees. They’re probably planning to scam you at the last minute.

Do They Have an Address?

If you are dissatisfied with their services, do your packers movers in Baguiati have a specific location you can access? If not, then it’s a massive cause for concern. There’s no reason a packing/moving company should not have a physical office.

So, do not be convinced by addresses on their websites or business cards. Confirm whether or not they have an actual office with actual employees. Even better, visit their address before signing the contract.

What Do Their Reviews Say?

If the moving company you’re interested in has too many negative reviews on its website or social media pages, avoid them. Customers don’t take precious time out of their lives to leave scathing reviews for no reason. In most cases, negative reviews are 100% factual. 

However, do watch out for moving companies that have way too many overly positive reviews. This could be a sign of a scammer posting false reviews to dupe customers. Do your online research before coming to a decision.

How Good Is Their Phone Etiquette?

The best packers and movers in Baguiati are the best at everything and that includes customer service. So, unless your moving company shows a high level of professionalism in your initial interactions, avoid them.

Ready to Move?

Another easy way to avoid moving scams is to choose companies that have excellent market reputations. Arpan Packers and Movers is exactly that sort of company!

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